The Top 10 CRM Systems for Small Businesses: Features, Pricing, and User Reviews

A large number of small businesses are there all around us. They are the main driving force of the economy and their needs have to be met with due precision. A CRM system is greatly helpful in this case. It helps to form the best insights out of customer data so that those insights can be used for further business decisions. In the long run, it propels business growth and helps to stay ahead of your rivals. So here we shall explore more about the best 10 enterprise CRM systems for small businesses.

The options were selected on many criteria. Most importantly prioritization was given to user experience. After all, if users aren’t satisfied then what is the use of such software? The pricing has been looked at as well. Also, priority is given to how the analytics are formed and how it can help businesses to prosper in the long run. Affordability is also focused on and another thing that has been given importance is the integration possibilities with other options. Now let us then find out individually about the ten choices.

While choosing the best CRM for small business,  several considerations come into play. But  there’s no product that can be termed as the best.  Of course each of the products comes with their own set of  functionalities and serves very unique needs. Considering from this perspective each and every product is great, but all are not the best solution for yourself.  So, we would recommend you to compare the enterprise CRM product before you invest.

1. Vtiger

This keeps everything in order for a small business. Starting from inventory to project management, everything is handled under a single umbrella. Every feature is connected to each other. Thus users will find no difficulty in using it at large. The entire experience as a result becomes very smooth for the businesses. Streamlining tasks is thus readily fostered with this option. The pricing tends to vary as per needs but hovers between 20 to 30 dollars per user per month.

2. ConvergeHub

With the help of this product, you can undertake many major sales and marketing decisions for your business. Gain a lot from the automation facilities provided by it. Businesses often have to take spur-of-the-moment decisions to ensure that everything goes smoothly and also to stay ahead of the competition. With this option that can be easily possible. For the basic plan, the cost is 9 dollars for each user. Business and advanced plans are costlier with an array of  features.

ConvergeHub comes with a user-friendly interface and customizable modules. As a result, it’s easier for businesses to tailor it as per their unique requirements. Starting from lead generation and contact management to deal tracking and analytics, this product helps SMBs drive sales growth and accentuate customer satisfaction.

For the growing SMBs, driving sales and revenue growth is the most important task. With it they can supercharge their sales game through efficient deal management. It helps sales teams to track opportunities, set reminders, assign tasks, and collaborate seamlessly to achieve optimal growth across organizations. No doubt, a well-optimized sales process results in faster closing of deals faster thus making you stay on top of revenue goals.

3. Flowlu

It is a very decent choice that comes at an affordable price. This option is best suited for businesses having around 8 employees. Onboarding is very easy in this case. Anyone can then access the financial features or client portals and so on. Since everything is there in the same place, a lot of time is saved in handling those tasks. The total cost is 39 dollars for eight users per month. Therefore for each user, the price is around 4.87 dollars which is quite affordable. However, there are enterprise plans as well for firms with more employees.

4. Zoho

This software works for the long-term business goals of a firm. There are some complaints in terms of user interface but the software makes it up in terms of features. A host of different features are available in this case that helps to garner better insights and also help in saving time through automation. By far the most intriguing feature of this option is the integration possibilities it offers with many other third-party apps. The price varies between 20-50 dollars a month per user based on needs.

5. Capsule

Small businesses that are apprehensive about using a CRM system for the first time must trust this one as it has a brilliant user interface. You will not face any complications whatsoever in dealing with it. Controlling it is easy and it fosters productivity at a relentless pace. So isn’t it fascinating? All the core features are available at 18 dollars per user per month. But you can get more features at 36 dollars per month and there is an enterprise plan at 54 dollars per month.

6. Freshsales

The overall navigation is easy in this case and the features are excellent as well. Thus this one tends to offer a rather balanced approach to reckon with. Most importantly there is a dedicated team in this case that is always available to answer any potential customer query and strives to resolve those as soon as possible. Keep track of your products and documents rather easily with the help of this option. The basic plan is about 18 dollars a month for each user but it can be extended up to 47 dollars for a pro plan and 83 dollars for an enterprise plan.

7. Folk

It offers customized insights to businesses. Thus it helps to bring forth a rather easy way of doing business based on the data generated. You can take it with you wherever you operate as there is no hassle in that case. Most importantly integration is possible with thousands of other options which helps in maintaining parity in the work. The pricing varies between 14 and 29 dollars for each user a month.

8. Salesmate

Proper channels of interacting with your customers are fostered here. It helps in taking better decisions when it comes to keeping them satisfied in the long run. There are many videos as well to teach you how to use this particular CRM system. The price hovers between 20 to 50 dollars for each user a month based on needs.


Using this CRM system is very easy because there is enormous flexibility here. For small businesses, this is rather a boon to reckon with. Situations of operations vary and flexibility helps to manage everything smoothly. The basic plan in this case costs 14 dollars a month for each user.

10. Pipedrive

All the basic features of CRM are available here. It is meant for those businesses who wish to try the benefits of CRM for the first time. But if you look for more robust options then you must consider the options that we discussed. The pricing is about 14.90 dollars per user a month and there is a free trial available as well.


To sum up, small businesses can genuinely benefit from CRM systems. Hence we explored the 10 best options that can help these businesses a lot.

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