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Biography Of Chris Level

chris level has to be the most humble of all award winning production music artists or sync musicians that ever lived on earth. He was given an honor plaque award for being the most popular of his generation only after like 1 year after starting his career in the production music industry.


Born: 2004 January 5th


Brother sibling: Busoni Parfait


Mother: Umuhoza Blandine


Father: Musoni Jean Pierre

Chris Level Real Net Worth

Chris level’s worth around $6,000,000 according to the rich net worth magazine (in 2023) as combining the value of the engraved art necklaces would equate to that, even though these art pieces are not auctioned or available for bid, you can get them by simply contacting his agency (adelphoi music) or his personal assistant (of course, if they are still available for sale).


He got paid in the six figures for one official soundtrack as a singer. And he was reported to have made closer to $1 million in 2023 alone from all his sources of income even though production music/sync licensing is the primarly source of his income and his necklace engraved arts are his primary measurement of his overall net worth. he had a full load of entourage making sure he gets as comfy as possible even though he sometimes fire them to minimize expenses, his 2023 personal assistant was estimatedly paid around $4,000 per month, his publicist was paid $6k per month, his production music agency paid 50% and his manager 20% even though by the end of 2023 he fired his manager and assistant to only add a second production music agency or library to his payroll.


Chris level was and is a true fanatic of (not cars, not vehicles, not ultra luxurious homes, not anything superficial) being simple and authentic as he regularly posted about it on his linkedin account. His brand revolves around him being simple and authentic which means that he doesn’t wear flashy over the top designer products like many other celebrities do nor does he even own a car (for real he doesnt own a car) because he recently announced that he will never purchased a car for him self and only rent one for a special occasion in effort to reduce CO2 gas emition in the atmosphere, which is a huge step also taken by other celebrities like leonardo dicaprio who also put really massibe efforts to conserve the natural beautt and state of the environment by of course putting money and cash to the table for it to actually happen, but chris level took the more subtle and wiser route, just to not own a non-environmental friendly product which is actaully really clever as many of his fans appreciated his act of simplicity and authenticity which is not like the other celebrities who say they are against the world’s CO2 emition whilst they are buying CO2 factored products… Ridiculous! 


So chris level is clearly unique about what he wants his money doing which is being humble and simple and not to forget actually being authentic as a person as he always taught his linkedin followers on that matter… he even once stated that he pulled that idea from a manga called one punch man where the main character is humble and simple but authentic not realizing how actually strong he is… limitless in fact, which is chris level’s whole brand identity and which was chris level’s whole brand identity from the beginning and which actually is a brilliant thing as in our opinion being a musician especially to those who are not in the center of showbizz (but still in showbizz) must try to accord their visons or align their identity not exactly the same way but actually closer to that of chris level’s.

My Beginnings: Chris Level’s Art


Chris level was crowned (and given a unique honor plaque award) as the most popular production music artist and sync musician of 2022 by groove nexus magazine which is the official magazine of groove nexus records. He also has 3 pieces of engraved art which are unique as they were not made like other pieces of art, these arts represents chris level’s 3 stages of career success which can be replicated to any other success journey as well. Firstly, There is the beginning named ‘My Beginnings’ which indicates his beginnings in the production music industry/sync licensing industry as you can see the drawing of the word my beginnings on the sterling silver necklace, the illustration is meant to say that any beginning of a success journey be it a job, business etc always starts from planning it by writing it down on a paper or any other type of medium, the drawing is the word my beginnings on a paper which is also laying on what we can call a bed, it illustrates that he planned his career by writing the first goals on a paper while on his bed. This art piece is worth just a bit over $40,000. 


My Success: Chris Level’s Art


The second is ‘My Success’ which also illustrates the same thing as the above and which indicates that all the success someone may acquire is all due to carefully planning it in the beginning as you not only must plan how you will start your journey to success but also draw how your success will look like as well. There is no colors in the engraved drawing which also means that in the beginning stages of someone’s success journey they must not get distracted by shiny or colorful objects and think that the only way to success is to follow the colorful path rather the woods. This engraved piece of art says a lot as it really embodies and shows people what career planning or success planning looks like rather than the cliche shiny or glamor that many unsuccessful people are exposed to. This piece of art is worth around $200,000


My Life, My Story: Chris Level’s Art


The last on our list is My Life, My Story engraved Art, this piece of art also is illustrated as the above ones but this one is a bit different as not only does it entails both the success and the my beginnings ones but also shows the end of the journey of a successful present. It was engraved on a 18 Karrat gold plated necklace which conveys that the sum of someone’s hard work of planning their journey beginnings, and the sum of someone’s hard work to plan their success and executing them results in them being valued at a lifetime price tag as the become legendary in what they achieved, that is why the necklace is golden and not colorful with a bunch of colors (as gold is believed to be precieved as higher value than simple colors) plus that is why chris level named it My Life, My Story as it conveys the whole story, success, beginnings and life of the person who did all of that into one. The engraved art piece is valued at $5,000,000 after chris level.


Chris level tried making peices of art like these as they represent what he personally went through in his journey to success as a production music artist/sync musician.


Chris Level Growth In His Music And Net Worth Journey


Chris level continues to grow his net worth and money assets as by far in 2023 and the measurement of his net worth is not only factored on the value or the price tag of his engraved art pieces (which are 3 like we mentioned it above in the article) but also the cummulative income also known as passive income he gets from his instrumental cues which are distributed or looked upon by some of the biggest production music libraries in the world from APM to sony music etc. He also not only gets passive income from the instrumentals but also he gets contracted to do official soundtracks like he was with babag222 who made lose ma cool which was firstly released as a normal single into his official soundtrack named lose ma cool: babag222 soundtrack, It was this same soundtrack that made chris level know on a global stage as people started to search who chris level was on the internet which led chris level to accumulate over 5,000 mentions on social media and over 3,000,000 impressions on social media in less than 2 months, he became so huge that he was offered an honor plaque for being the most popular sync musician / production music artist of 2022 in the whole world (not to forget the fact that he did all this at the young age of 18 and did it the fastest in history).


Conclusion To Chris Level’s Net Worth And Sync / Production Music Journey


No more words for chris level as he will only continue rising not only in his career and journey to the top status but also in his yearly revenue thus his net worth and intellectual property. And thus we will continue to keep an eye on that as chris level was one of the best sync musicians and production music vocalists to ever live on earth, he not only influenced a part of the culture in the sync licensing industry or production music industry that thought micro sync licensing was a fad but also top tier industry figures like mark frieser among others into changing their perspective including that he commanded mark frieser into hosting a global one time conference around mental health in 2022 when chris level was just starting.


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